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Identifying product features based on the usability

  LeerPaper released about this issue in Verpackungs Rundschau 11/2014

How evolved a design proposal from a usage-analysis

Example Package of Bone Saw Blade

Initial Situation

The aim is to present design proposals by usability analysis for early integrating usability into product development and thus save costs.saw blade

Components bone saw blade with packaging

  • saw blade
  • saw blade package
  • sealed overpackage
These components of the saw blade packaging take into account requirements for the sterility of a medical device. More usability aspects have not been considered.


  • Requirements for Sterility
  • Precision required to insert small tool
  • Inserting should be swiftly possible

Product in the Hand

  • OP-Assistant
  • Surgeon?
Persons without cognitive or physical handicaps

Other impairments? e.g. mandatory work clothes
  • Gloves influence tactile perception
  • Head covering and face mask restrict the field of view


Procedure of the saw blade insertion

  • Sealed overpackage is opened
  • Saw blade with saw blade package is removed from sealed overpackage
  • Saw blade with saw blade package is handed or saw blade package is removed from saw blade
  • Insert the saw blade in saw offered by a person nearby, in lying ready saw or in robot

Aspects of habits

  • Different from hospital to hospital, surgeon to surgeon?
  • Are there comparable tools that can be handled similarly?
  • Has the current practice consisted in the future? Is the now common approach tomorrow still in demand?
Principles with habits "If you know what you are doing you can do what you want."
Moshé Feldenkrais

If habits of the users are known, one can decide whether these habits should be considered or wether it is worthwhile to motivate users to change their habit.

Possible habits installing the saw blade

Habits could be here (speculation)


Product design in accordance with the assumption of a performance of actions.



  • Saw is held by the surgeon or attached in larger machine standing nearby or lying on the table ready
  • OP-assistant opens sealed overpackage.
  • OP-assistant or surgeon removes saw blade package and installs the saw blade.

1. Design Proposal based on Usability



  • Saw blade is now with the saw teeth above.
  • The aperture adjusting the saw blade on blade clamp positioner is at the bottom and is recessed from the packaging.
  • Holding at saw blade package makes it easily to grip with pinch grip. Zufassungsgriff
  • The sealed overpackaging material should be stiff so that it opens easily.

2. Design Proposal based on Usability

grip clothespin


  • The holder onto the saw blade package, in which the blade is withdrawn from the sealed overpackage, has a further function.
  • With the "clothespin" principle the packaging of the saw blade can be removed after it has been inserted. "Clothespin" principle might be realized with special material.

Whole process according to design proposal


Usability-Aspects of Design-Proposals

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