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Usability studies portfolio


Usability studies ensure
successful human-machine interactions

Usability scientifically analyzed
and reviewed on the topics

  • National and international Certifications
  • FDA / IEC 62366 (medical devices)
  • dt. Normen
  • Software (ISO 9241)
  • Product design
  • User acceptance
  • Process
  • Safety work
  • cultural behaviour in comparison

Applied methods

  • Cognitive Walkthrough
  • Heuristics
  • Interview
  • Questionnaire
  • Monitoring (with Video)
  • Logfile
  • Risk assessment
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Semantic differential
  • Expert review
Development of a research design according to your specific questions.

We are looking for the largest possible intersection between the characteristics of the users and the features of the product.


We provide:

Assistance in product development

  • As a competent partner for the issue of usability, we find with the view "from outside" possible usability issues in the development phase.
  • We research studies and practical solutions.
  • We develop solutions for usability problems at different stages of the development process.
  • We advise you to need and request.

Usability Studies

  • We create a research design in agreement with you.
  • We perform usability studies according to your research design.
  • In general, we survey/observe 12-30 subjects, depending on the issue.
  • The subjects are purposefully selected according to specific user groups (e.g. persons with particular professions, specific diseases or restrictions).
  • To ensure the quality of the subjects responses (observations) we provide a relaxed atmosphere for discussion, focus on peripheral issues and give various distractions.
  • The study is not defined to be conducted at a specific location. We have an own location in Germany in the Competence Park Friedrichshafen. But we can conduct the studies at any other place.

Usability basic check

  • With the "view from outside", we work out usability issues of finished products.
  • We make concrete proposals for improving the usability and work with you to solutions.
  • In usability basic check methods are used, which can be carried out without subjects, such as Task analysis, cognitive walkthrough, etc.
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